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Puzzle - Boston Market

Puzzle - Boston Market

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As the fall months begin to descend upon us in New England, its time to think about bringing a puzzle or two out for the family to enjoy as we relax around the fire at the end of a long day!  A relaxing activity for just one person or for many to tackle as a group.  This puzzle is colorful and gives the assembler a great challenge.  Break out the hot cocoa! You will be wow-ed by the masterpiece you put together.

In this great Boston Market painting, Eric portrays the excitement and energy of a New England night at this popular destination. Built in 1824, the historical Quincy Market area was added when the downtown commercial demand grew beyond the capacity of the previously built Faneuil Hall. The area has been modernized and now features several boutique grocery and fast food restaurants. The painting also shows many famous buildings and landmarks, such as the Custom House Tower and boats sailing in Boston Harbor.

1000 Piece Puzzle

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