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Lavender Peppermint - After Sun Soothe & Cool - 5.25 oz

Lavender Peppermint - After Sun Soothe & Cool - 5.25 oz

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A delightful combination of aloe vera gel and Molly's special Recovery Cream.  The aloe vera soothes your sun scorched skin and the Recovery Cream helps to prevent the skin from flaking and peeling.  Keep it in the fridge for an especially cool treat!  You will never be without it again.  This product comes in a n airless pump so that none is wasted. 

Two great scents mixed into one.  The soothing relaxing scent of Lavender and the soothing scent of Peppermint.  Mixed together to bring you a treat for your senses at the end of a sun and fun-filled day.  

Made for Terrazza by Molly's Apothecary in Medway, Ma

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